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Wine festivals celebrate the culture of grape farming, harvesting and winemaking. The festivals usually occur after the harvest of the grapes, which generally falls at the end of September and runs until well into October or later and are common in most wine regions around the world.

The typical events and activities of a wine festival include wine drinking, grape pressing, regional foods, music, competitions, games and more. Wine is made in many ways from different fruits, with grapes being the most common.

In Australia, the wine industry is a significant contributor to the economy through production, employment, export, and tourism in the form of wine festivals.

Wine is produced in every state, with more than 60 designated wine regions, which are mainly in the southern, cooler parts of the country. Vineyards are located in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

The wine regions in each of these states produce different wine varieties and styles that take advantage of the climatic differences, topography and soil types. The major varieties produced in Australia’s wine regions are predominantly Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Semillon, Pinot noir, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc.

Australia has one of the most diverse wine scenes in the world. With 100 different grape varieties grown across 65 wine regions, Australian wines are an expression of their distinctive culture and the vibrant communities that cultivate them. From rogue to refined, classic to contemporary, Australian wines are far from ordinary.

The regions, wineries and vineyards located in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland have made wine festivals annual and cultural events. Each festival is unique in its own right and is well organised with fun, activities and events that attract tourists from all over the world.

This magazine gives you information about wine festivals and wine producers in Australia. It provides details about activities and events at wine festivals. There are also articles about the winemaking process, wine clubs, wineries and vineyards. You can connect with us for more information.